HexaTier Database as a Service (DBaaS) Security Research 2016

Research Identifies:
The 10 Security Reasons that Enterprise Fears the Cloud
HexaTier, which offers a comprehensive security and compliance solution for cloud-hosted databases and Database as a Service (DBaaS) platforms, conducted a survey with nearly 600 IT leaders to identify the top security concerns preventing enterprise organizations from moving their sensitive information to databases in the cloud.
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How to overcome security and compliance challenges in the Cloud
Database as a Service (DBaaS) Security Research 2016 offers guidance on how providers and enterprises can overcome these challenges, as well as charts and comparisons explaining how the three major DBaaS providers (Amazon Relational Database Service RDS), Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Google Cloud SQL) address them. HexaTier bolstered the report with data consolidated from its experiences re-mediating data breach damage for victimized enterprises.
About HexaTier
Established in 2009, HexaTier (formerly GreenSQL) sets the industry standard for database security and compliance in the cloud with its unified solution that provides database security, dynamic data masking, database activity monitoring (DAM) and discovery of sensitive data. Utilizing purpose-built, patented Database Reverse Proxy technology, the company protects against both internal and external security threats. Backed by leading investors such as JVP, Magma VC and Rhodium, HexaTier is the first and only company to provide security for cloud-hosted databases and DBaaS platforms through a streamlined and simple solution. Headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in Irvine, CA and Boston, MA. HexaTier secures databases for nearly 200 organizations globally. For more information, visit www.hexatier.com