HexaTier's unified security solution provides greater security and compliance for enterprise databases running on-premise, cloud-hosted or Database as a Service (DBaaS) platforms. Effectively reducing the databases' attackable surface by utilizing a patented Reverse Proxy technology.

Four key elements combined to protect your data:


Security - Reducing the databases' attackable surface

  • Detects, alerts and prevents real-time intrusion risks
  • Database firewall/Segregation of duties
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Access control


Discovery of Sensitive Data - Sensitive data is automatically located and classified, based on regulatory requirements.

  • Scan according to a regulation 
  • Scan at the Instance/DB/Table level
  • Scheduled scanning
  • Generate auditing and masking policies


Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) - Real-time masking eliminates exposure to sensitive information.

  • Column level masking (including via stored procedures or views)
  • Conditional/row level masking (including via stored procedures)
  • Multiple masking functions
  • Database and application layer remain unchanged
  • Data at rest remains unchanged


Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) - Providing administrative and access activity monitoring up to the DB column level.

  • Audit of logins, admin commands, access, queries, stored procedures
  • Advanced Before and After column level auditing for PII, etc.
  • Real time alerts
  • Compliance reports

How it Works

HexaTier is installed as a front-end to the database and works as a reverse proxy, effectively hiding and securing the database. Once installed, it scans the data for sensitive information in accordance with your regulatory compliance requirements, automatically setting your Auditing and Masking policies. HexaTier reviews and analyzes both database queries and database responses, making it the perfect tool for securing your data.



Database Security info graph by HexaTier


Key Benefits

  • Supports Database as a Service (DBaaS)
  • Software-only & no agents or hardware
  • Defines rules & implements segregation of duties
  • Unified solution for security & compliance
  • Quick to deploy, easy to upgrade & maintain

Database Security and Compliance Solution by HexaTier

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