HexaTier provides a unified database security and compliance solution that secures hybrid and fully hosted applications running on Microsoft Azure SQL Database. You will be able to discover and mask sensitive data stored in the database, monitor database activity performed by DBAs and developers, implement separation of duties, block SQL injections attacks in real time and dynamically mask sensitive data.


Automatically discover where sensitive data is located on your databases

Block SQL Injection attacks on Windows Azure databases

Prevent unauthorized database access

Monitor access and activity on Windows Azure databases

Mask data in real time to the column level

Comply with Regulations, including HIPAA, PCI and SOX


Protect your Azure SQL Databases with HexaTier

Azure SQL Database is becoming more secure and, therefore, widely adopted. However, there are still some database security measures that need to be taken into consideration to enable more applications and customers to safely move to the cloud. Customers’ concerns primarily revolve around secure data transfer, secured stored data, separation of duties and proper compliance.

As a part of Microsoft Partner Network, HexaTier has better knowledge for standing up against any threat. Helping you secure your Azure SQL and SQL server database with a comprehensive solution that ensures security, discovery of sensitive data, dynamic data masking, and database activity monitoring.

HexaTier Unified Database Security Solution provides:

  • Identity protection with dynamic data masking
  • Prevention of unauthorized database access
  • Enforcement of separation of duties
  • Full audit trail
  • Complete firewall protection
  • Detection and blocking of SQL injection attacks
  • Comprehensive alerts
  • Advanced reporting

HexaTier Benefits for Windows Azure SQL Database

  • Protect Windows Azure SQL database from SQL injection attacks
  • Control access to sensitive information to prevent information theft
  • Boost compliance (PCI/DSS, SOX, etc.)
  • Easy to install, configure and manage
  • Web-based management interface
  • No need to reconfigure or change databases
  • Protects PII in real time. Reporting the theft of data after it is stolen is useless. HexaTier proactively prevents the theft from taking place and continuously protects the valuable assets stored in databases.
  • Scales easily
  • Accelerates database performance. HexaTier’s patented caching mechanism compensates for potential database latency, making applications run faster. In a distributed application environment or hybrid architecture, HexaTier brings the data closer to the application, significantly improving response time.

How It Works


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