Dynamic Data Masking is an emerging technology that provides real-time data masking in changing environments, typically in production databases.

GreenSQL Dynamic Data Masking enables you to mask or randomize any sensitive information stored on MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

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When? Wednesday, May 23, 2012 (9:00 am PDT; 12:00 pm EST; 16:00 pm GMT; 19:00 pm GMT+3:00)

In this webinar, David Maman, GreenSQL Founder and CTO, will explain:

  • What Real-Time Dynamic Data Masking is?
  • How to dramatically reduce the risk of a data breach?
  • How to better comply with regulations?
  • How to enforce real-time dynamic data masking?
  • How to provide a proactive security layer around applications, reports and tools?
  • How to selectively apply masking rules based on end-user identity and access rights?
  • How to achieve Row Level Security or a Virtual Private Database with Dynamic Data Masking?


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