HexaTier provides a unified database security and compliance solution for customers running their MySQL databases on Google Cloud Platform. You will be able to discover and mask sensitive data stored in the database, monitor database activity performed by DBAs and developers, implement separation of duties and block SQL injections attacks in real time.


Automatically discover where sensitive data is located on your databases

Block SQL Injection attacks on Google Cloud Platform databases

Prevent unauthorized database access

Monitor access and activity on Google Cloud Platform databases

Mask data in real time to the column level

Comply with Regulations, including HIPAA, PCI and SOX

Why HexaTier for Google Cloud Platform

HexaTier is the first software-based database security solution for Google Cloud Platform database services.  

Installed as a front-end to the cloud database, the HexaTier solution fully camouflages and secures these applications and the data they contain.

HexaTier protects Google Cloud Platform hosted databases from SQL injection attacks and helps organizations secure sensitive information from unauthorized database access, enforce separation-of-duties, mask sensitive data, monitor and audit data access and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

HexaTier’s unique solution inspects every command sent to the cloud database in real time, regardless of the source of the request.

Going beyond protecting Google Cloud Platform databases from external and Web-based attacks, HexaTier also protects databases from threats originating from employees, business partners and contractors. 

HexaTier's solution is extremely easy to install, configure and maintain and can be up and running in a matter of minutes.


HexaTier Benefits for Databases on Google Cloud Platform

  • Detects and blocks SQL injection attacks – Because HexaTier functions as a proxy between applications and the Google Cloud database, the software is able to detect and block SQL injection attacks, the most prevalent database breach method in use today.
  • Provides separation of duties – HexaTier’s database firewall allows administrators to define granular permissions for viewing and updating individual databases tables. Criteria for each permission may include any combination of user account, IP address, client application and time of day.
  • Monitors and audits database access – HexaTier sends granular database access data to an external database in real time. Retaining detailed records of exactly who did what and when makes it fast and easy to perform forensics investigations and demonstrate regulatory compliance during an audit.
  • Dynamically masks sensitive data fields – HexaTier can mask particular fields using a context-relevant template in real time, allowing developers, testers,  outside contractors and even applications to retrieve data without gaining access to any sensitive information. Examples include credit card and account numbers (all digits are shown as zeroes except the last four digits), email addresses (everything before the @ sign is masked) and financial amounts (all amounts are shown as 0.00).  
  • Generates compliance reports – A set of reports for common compliance needs are available out-of-the-box. Examples include database users with administrative privileges, users who didn't update their password for x days, users who have not accessed the database for x days, recent administrator actions, and reports of any time a user’s privileges were modified.

How it Works

HexaTier acts as a reverse proxy between applications and the Google Cloud Platform Database. By inspecting, modifying and/or blocking database queries and responses, HexaTier protects the database from attacks and unauthorized access, while providing additional services, such as masking sensitive data on the fly and recording all access for auditing purposes. All client applications are supported and no software installation is required on the Google Cloud Platform side.