GreenSQL revealed that 88 percent of all companies participating in its December survey do not protect their databases from both external and internal threats, and almost one fifth do nothing to protect their databases at all.

IT professionals were asked:

“How do you protect your data from SQL injection attacks?”

Respondents said:

  • 52 % -I improve code practices
  • 18 % – I do not protect my database from SQL injection attacks
  • 18 % – I use an application firewall
  • 12 %  – I use a database firewall

“The survey reveals that almost all companies are still vulnerable to internal and external threats. Simply improving code practices is not enough to protect databases from internal threats,” said Amir Sadeh, CEO, GreenSQL. “The vast majority risks damage to corporate reputations, fines, law suits, and loss of customers’ confidence and business by deploying no database protection whatsoever. This is tantamount to a corporate death wish.”

According to accepted industry figures, SQL attacks occur more than 70 times per hour. Cybercriminals attempt to inject malicious code into the database using online forms to either access or destroy the information within the database.

GreenSQL provides the only unified database security system that covers the entire threat spectrum, ensuring complete database security is within the reach of virtually every company. Its solutions are both simple to install and easy to use and maintain, and already secure thousands of databases around the world from internal and external threats.

” It is surprising to see that many companies still do not have complete database security measures put in place when simple to manage, cost-effective security solutions like GreenSQL’s are readily available, concluded Sadeh.“

Over three hundred and fifty IT professionals responded to the survey.


227 thoughts on “GreenSQL December Survey: 88% of All Companies Surveyed Don’t Protect Their Databases from External and Internal Threats

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