Finding sensitive and regulated data within enterprise databases is one of the key challenges to implementing regulatory compliance, role-based data security, and separation of duties.

HexaTier’s ability to auto-discover sensitive data across any number of different database systems – without the need to install anything on the database servers – is invaluable.

HexaTier’s auto-discovery of sensitive data makes it fast and easy to identify sensitive and/or regulated data fields (e.g., SSN, credit card numbers, e-mails, passwords), based on particular regulations (e.g., PCI, HIPAA, SOX). The software scans an enterprise’s databases to automatically identify sensitive fields, allowing one-click activation of auditing and data-masking features for those fields.

HexaTier’s out-of-the-box data protection solution enables enterprises to easily identify all sensitive and regulated data fields in any number of on-premises and cloud-hosted databases. This essentially allows one-click activation of policies for database monitoring, enforcement of duties and data-masking for every sensitive data field in an organization’s databases.

Key Benefits

Eases regulation compliance, reporting, and auditing (e.g., PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, Basel II)
Eases implementation of data masking policies
Eases enforcement of separation of duties (role-based access)

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