Increased Visibility into Database Activity

The Database Activity Monitoring feature inspects and audits every query and records user access up to a column level according to the policy. Alerting you on any unauthorized activity and providing a complete audit of all sensitive tables, including a "before and after" view of all changes made to the table or column.

Masking sure that organizations comply with key industry and government regulations, such as,  SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others. HexaTier's activity monitoring policy is granular and allows to set activity monitoring rules at the column level.

Key Benefits

  • Audit of logins, admin commands, access, queries, stored procedures
  • Advanced “before and after” column level auditing for PII, etc.
  • Real time alerts
  • Generate compliance reports


Technical Features

Database Activity Monitoring – Protecting against security threats, malicious software and exploits, insider attacks and more. Suspicious transactions are communicated in real time, allowing database administrators to take immediate action to maintain database security and comply with regulations.

 Advanced Auditing - Monitoring and analyzing the database activity to provide alerts on all unauthorized activities. HexaTier provides a full audit of all sensitive tables, including a “before and after” view of all changes and who made them. It helps companies demonstrate compliance with industry and government regulations, including SOX, PCI, HIPAA and others.

Advanced Reporting - Offering more flexible and customizable reports on intrusion attempts, risk assessments, suspicious events, audit information, SQL query usage, and more. The reporting system boosts compliance with international security standards.