Comply with HIPAA, PCI and SOX

HexaTier provides an extensive set of capabilities which address common regulatory database compliance needs, including database access auditing, dynamic data masking, auto-discovery of regulated data and compliance reporting. Demonstrating data-related compliance with PCIHIPAASOX and other regulations has never been as fast or easy.

Database Auditing and Compliance

scanScan & Detect

Scanning your database for sensitive information in accordance with your compliance requirements.

  • Automatically discover regulated data located in your databases.
  • Enhanced Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and auditing capabilities – see who is accessing your databases, what privileges they have, and what information they can see.
  • Detect which databases and processes have direct access to your database.


policesSet Policies

Automatically set your Auditing and Masking policies to your regulatory standards in minutes.

  • Create policies to implement effective measures and protect your regulated data.
  • Create auditing tracks of instances - deletion or alteration of data, and use recovery tools or your corporate backups to restore data.
  • Enforce policies for unauthorized privileges.


Take Action

actionsDynamically mask data regulated by auditors and block unauthorized access. Get real-time reports and respond immediately to suspicious or malicious behavior.

  • Database Firewall provides Database Access Control for managing users and role based privileges
  • Granular masking of data per table, column, user and user group level to authorized users (DBAs, developers and testers)
  • Out-of-the-box compliance reports that account for any security threats and insight into all database activity so auditors receive exactly what they need.