Our mission is to provide the last line of defense for enterprises needing to smartly and easily protect their sensitive data from today’s demanding information security threats; giving a unique combination of innovative and comprehensive database security and compliance solution.

We believe that any company with a database, no matter its size or resources, no matter where it resides, should be able to easily protect itself from any external or internal database threat. We have therefore created an innovative database security solution that is always one step ahead of threats.

Founded in 2009, HexaTier (formerly GreenSQL) delivers database security, Database Activity Monitoring (DAM), and dynamic data masking in one product that addresses today’s database security needs for all organizations. HexaTier's unified database security suite runs on the cloud, on-premise while ensuring our customers are compliant with regulations.

Our approach is to secure databases from SQL injection attacks (the most common data breach method today), securing critical information from unauthorized database access, and enforcing separation-of-duties and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.