Unified Database Security

Providing greater security and compliance by utilizing  a patented Database Reverse Proxy technology for securing databases across multiple platforms including: Database as a Service (DBaaS), private, public or hybrid cloud environments and on-premises. Offering an all-in-one solution to protect your data from insider and outsider threats with four key elements, including: Database Security, Discovery of Sensitive Data, Dynamic Data Masking, and Database Activity Monitoring to comply with regulatory requirements.

HexaTier: The World's First Unified Database Security and Compliance in the Cloud

Finally, a Complete Security and Compliance Solution for Database as a Service (DBaaS)

HexaTier is the missing link to transforming your DBaaS into a secure and compliance-ready environment. With its quick installation, HexaTier sits as a front-end to your database, simply defining rules and policies. Guarantying organizations' security and compliance on any of the major cloud platforms, Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace Cloud and others. Enjoy the many DBaaS benefits of automated scaling, automated failure recovery, and maintenance cost reduction for consumers.

Unified, Agile and Scalable Solution

Security-Icon-150pxDatabase Security

Reducing the databases' attackable surface, offering database firewall / segregation of duties, preventing SQL injections and determining privileges of database access control.

Discovery-Icon-150pxDiscovery of Sensitive Data

Sensitive data such as, SSN, PII, e-mails, passwords, etc., is automatically detected and classified to ensure that you are aligned with regulatory requirements.

Making-Icon-150Dynamic Data Masking

Organizations can dynamically mask sensitive data accessed from application screens, reports, development and DBA tools.

Monitoring-Icon-150Database Activity Monitoring

Providing administrative and access activity monitoring up to the database column level, auditing logins, admin commands, access queries and stored procedures.

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