Enabling enterprises to evolve and safely shift their databases to the cloud.

We set the industry standard with a patented database reverse proxy technology for securing cloud-hosted databases and DBaaS platforms. Providing an all-in-one solution, including: Database Security, Dynamic Data Masking, Database Activity Monitoring and Discovery of Sensitive Data that complies with all regulatory requirements.

Dynamic Data Masking

Dynamic data masking of sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) accessed from application screens, reports, development, and DBA tools.

Database Firewall

Preventing both inside and outside attacks before they reach the database. Protecting cloud-hosted databases, like: Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure and others.

Database Access Control

An end-to-end solution for database access control and User Rights Management for Databases (URMD), reducing risks and achieving regulatory compliance.

SQL Injections Prevention

Filtering all database traffic, detecting and blocking SQL injection attacks, unauthorized access, data theft and abusive behaviour.

Database Activity Monitoring

Monitoring database activity across multiple platforms. An easy to define audit trail policy for sensitive tables and/or columns, with a “before and after” view of all changes.

Discovery of Sensitive Data

Auditing and data-masking features for auto-discovery of sensitive and regulated data fields for complying with PCI, HIPAA or SOX regulations.




Here are some of the leading companies which have chosen to be protected by HexaTier: